Welcome to visit.Asia


With the support of the DotAsia Registry, the visit.asia initiative has been undertaken by EnCirca, Inc. to serve as a gateway for the Asian travel and tourism industry on the web.

Visit.asia will be designed to bring together the Asian travel and tourism industry in a single website. The primary intent of the site will be to serve as a platform for destination based social networking, and to be a comprehensive resource for Asia travel and tourism on the web.

Tourism Boards: we invite you to join the visit.asia initiative.

Joining and participating in the visit.asia initiative is free of cost. Help us in capturing the collective charm of Asia, while showcasing the distinctive flavor that each country has to offer.

The key features of the visit.asia will be:

  • Participating tourism boards will be able to act as editorial hosts for their particular destination
  • The objective of the visit.asia project is to engage both travel agents and travelers
  • visit.asia will feature user-generated content allowing users to upload videos and pictures of their travels
  • visit.asia will be a gateway to local websites where destinations can develop their own social network

Why Join?
  • Visit.asia will be an excellent marketing tool for tourism boards to reach a growing consumer base looking for travel information specific to Asia.
  • Tourism Boards can use visit.asia to experiment with social media and networking for eventual migration to a dedicated destination website
  • visit.asia will be a great way for destinations to increase their customer base through cross partnerships in the entire region which will encourage intra-regional travel
  • Joining and participating in the visit.asia project is free of charge
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